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Alfred Rose CD Albums

New CD released Dec 2010.... A tribute to Lata Mangeshkar & Michael Jackson

Alfred Rose Audio Albums Cover Pics 1-20

                                               AR1- Alfred Rose New Konkani Hits Album No.1

AR3 - Musical Show No. 2
AR4 - Londoncho Mog
AR5 Alfred Rose New Konkani Hits 2 (Mother Teresak)
AR6 -Kazar Zainam
   AR8 - Ojeapanchi Bhett ( Musical Play- not original pic)
AR9 -Meet me at Miramar (not original pic)
                                                                AR 10 - Adlim Rosam                                                                 
                                                     AR11 - Alfred & Rita Rose Disco film Hits

                                                                 AR12 - Siesta De Fiesta de Goa
                                                                   AR13 - Alfred Roses Lucky 13

                                                                    AR14 - Director Saib
                                                     AR15 - Rock Musical Show

                                                                AR 16 - SWEET SIXTEEN

                                                      AR17 - Xiddkaunnim
                                                             AR18 - Evergreen Konkani Hits

                                                              AR19 - Chief Minister
                                                             AR20 - Civil Marrige

The King of Melody

In the world of Tiatr and Konkani music, there's no one quite like Alfred Rose, says Isidore Dantas, in a profile of the singing star.

Remember, the singer with a Panama hat on his head and a magic wand in his hand delivering the opening song for tiatrs in English-Konkani in the '60s? He is none other than Alfred Rose who has earned the sobriquets of Goa's Melody King", The Man with the Golden Voice" (courtesy His Master's Voice Recording Company), Konkani Ambassador", International Superstar". To the Goans he is The Living Legend of Konkani Music".

Rosario Alfred Fernandes - his real name, was born in the picturesque village of Calvim, Aldona, on 5 August 1932. He is the proud son of the illustrious character-actor of yore, Ambrose Fernandes (Ambrose was named AMB Rose by the Karachi Jesuits). This actor, who has six decades of popularity to his credit was christened Junior Rose by the versatile Konkani tiatrist C Alvares, because he was the youngest among the actors during his debut in Konkani tiatr way back in 1943. Rose, who has made his village proud by carving a niche among the Goans in the field of music, later changed his name to Alfred Rose in 1952.

He was first seen in Miss Ida's (Jose Mendes) drama where he sang the solo Kiteak jiv khatai? The well known konkani dramatist JP Souzalin, known for his plays on religious themes, introduced Alfred in his Poilea Cheddeachem Baltim staged at the Princess Theatre, Bhangwadi, Dhobitalao, Mumbai, a nursery of Konkani drama. He is one of the few educated tiatrists, having completed the CAIIB (Banking professional examination) after passing the SSC Examination. He had brief stints with National Overseas & Grindlays Bank Ltd and Larsen & Toubro. He had also served at Citi Bank in the Gulf in the year 1970.

There was a time when tiatrs were looked down on by the hoi-polloi because of the base fare they presented. Alfred resurrected the tiatr scene by composing and rendering educative and decent presentations. His first drama Hench tem Karann was staged in 1956.

Being the cynosure of numerous ardent fans, he has many firsts to his credit. Alfred was the first to stage a Konkani tiatr at Birla Matoshri Hall, Dhobitalao, Mumbai. He has the distinction of publishing fourteen song books containing lyrics of the numerous songs he has cut on disc. His novel Vingans Monte Cristochem, based on the famous novel of Alexander Dumas, has highlighted the role of our very own father of hypnotism - Abade Faria. His novels include Munis vo Devchar, which is based on his drama by the same title. The only person to my knowledge to publish comics in Konkani is Alfred Rose. The book is entitled Zomnintli Bhirant. He introduced the concept of non-stop drama in Konkani with his presentation of Director Saib in 1961, which included twenty seven songs relevant to the story of the drama, making its presentation look like a film. For this he bagged the Bombay Mayor's Medal. He was the first to compose a song on Mother Teresa way back in 1981, which features in his Audio Cassette Album No 2. He also has the distinction of presenting the first non-stop Rock Musical Show with sound track on stage, which no singer English or Konkani has done. The audience remembers with affection the tribute paid by him in song on the stage to the late tiatrist Souza Ferrao during the latter's lifetime accompanying him. Flowers was the first song rendered by a tiatrist in English composed and sung by him. He was the first tiatrist to record an English song A Date with Daisy on disc.

This ace musician has provided the musical score to the Konkani film Boglantt, starring Prem Kumar with his better-half Rita Rose - herself a very good singer. He has performed in the Konkani film Amchem Noxib which has the English song I Lost my Heart to You as his composition. The Hindi film Love in Goa has music composed by him. He was the leader of the band Rosebuds in the '50s. Alfred, who is at ease with the violin and guitar, has his songs sung by eminent singers Mahendra Kapoor, Shailendra Singh and Krishna Kalle.

The thirteen tiatrs to his credit include Nirmon vo Formonn, Lakhpoti Novro, Dotor-Advogad, Natalanchi Bhett, Bhangaracho Hoti, Angounnechi Hokol, Pessaumkar… the last being Somestancho Kumpar. He has been a writer of repute and has contributed regularly to the now defunct Konkani weeklies published from Mumbai, Soth-Uloi and Cine Times.

Among the awards and plaudits earned by him, mention must be made of the Cross International Award, Mumbai. Mangalore's Mandd Sobhann has bestowed on him the title of Sangitsagar. He has also been honoured with a gold medal in the Gulf for this composition of the song Kotta Kuwait based on the 1990 Kuwait war. An audio cassette by Video World Production entitled Bhangaracho Tallo is a tribute to this versatile artist.

Besides his performance in India, he has performed abroad in Africa (1960), Germany, France, Canada, the UK and the Gulf, to the immense satisfaction of the audience. Alfred has also been featured on All India Radio and Doordarshan.Alfred had a great desire to perform internationally and had successfully tested for BBC and ATV, but during those days Goans were called Portuguese and considered aliens because of which he had difficulty in staying abroad and therefore he had to give up the idea.

The epitome of popular songs, this gifted clairvoyant has to his credit the unforgettable Tin Molladik Hatiaram namely sui, sut, kator - the three important tools of the tailors; Pai, which desribes the goodness of the father; Goenkar vo Mungllurkar, Ami sogle Konknne, depicting unity of the Konkani-speaking areas; Saddi, which cleverly brings out the virtues of the sari; Ixtt, personifying the real friend; Dev Nidonk Na, which reminds us of the watchful eye of the Almighty on us; Kalchi Koddi, which brings nostalgia of the curry to be preserved for posterity and Poilea Cheddeamchem baltim, which teaches us to sing litany in Konkani which hitherto was sung in Latin and Portuguese without understanding its contents. Pain Korun na tem has contributed in the moulding of an ordinary Goan into an industrialist.

Besides tiatrs, Alfred has performed six musical shows, composed and sung five thousand songs out of which fifteen hundred are in English in his soprano voice, has 400 extended and long playing records and 39 audio cassettes. His album Londonacho Mog has been recorded in London.

Among his English-Konkani songs, mention must be made of Mandovi, Lighthouse, A date with Daisy, Luiza the Bombshell, Viva la Goa. His songs in Hindu style include Bamnali Pori, Savkaralo Por, Chander Vati, Ago mhoje Sundorea, Patovantli Kunvor, Goreta gheun gori…

According to him, Konkani dramas do have a future and primarily requires people who know the language to encourage it by patronising the same rather than pay lip sympathy. He laments that tiatrs have stopped not because of the disunity among the tiatrists but because of the audience who find it costly. The fare is unable to match the increasing production costs and is therefore not a paying proposition for the tiatrists. Alfred Rose has woven a rich tapestry of composition in the woof and warp of Konkani music and therefore rightly deserves a befitting recognition from the government.

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Mando Ani Dulpod Special - Alfred Rose

01. MOGACHO EDURita Rose

Nidlele moga, tunvem utoiloi, motorani boundailoi,
Muskatche gorment, kallzan lipoiloi, Goeam addun fankrailoi

Chorus: Kallzak hea kellai jadu, gheun bonvtam tujo fottu
Edward tujem nanv, punn mogan tuka munntam Edu.

Kongottche praier, Colvache praier, skooterani bonvdailem,
Ponnje miramar, festank ani dansank vengent maka gundailem

Repeat Chorus...Kallzak

Anv rautam tuka, tum rautai maka, kitlo teomp oxinch raumchem
Ankvarponnanu sounsunk hem zaina, hea veginch dista kazar zaumchem

Repeat chorus...Kallzak

Nanvuch tujem kadlear, fottu athin ghetlear, kalliz mojem boddouta,
Praier danvtanam, reven loutanam, dovantlo ugdass yeta,

Repeat chorus....Kallzak


Tini vorsamcho mozo sangat,
Derefent zata dista separad,
Ugdass tuzo yetolo moga mojea, dis ani rath,..}
Nodrek tuje distti podcho na gho math......... }..2

Moga ami, zaitench boglem, Devan amkam bogxilea puro soglem...2

Tuka lagon zaite anvem bogle disgras,
Chintlem nam gumteak galit munn fas
Kazar zaunk moga anvem tuji keli na gho ass...}
Punn tunvem forsan maka dili bhass.................}...2

Moga ami, zaitench boglem, Devan amkam bogxilea puro soglem...2

Gharantulo bhair anv sorla tho dis pasun,
Rautolom chittiche tuje dis mezun,
Tokli moji virar zaunk pauli tujem chintun chintun..}
Tunvem maka daddlea teo chitti vachun...............}...2

Moga ami, zaitench boglem, Devan amkam bogxilea puro soglem...2

03. DOURINAKAI ANKVAR Alfred n Rita Rose

F: Tuka rautelim anv ankvar, moga kedna zatai kazar,
Kazar zainai tum zalear, sodtelim sonvsar, mogan zaleam virar....2

Poilo deklo tedna tuka, mojea kallzan riglea axea,
Mhunnon nakai tum pixea, di naka doxea, mogache tum buxea...2

M: Tuka rautalom anv ankvar, moga kedna zatai kazar
Kazar zainai tum zalear, soddtolom sonvsar, mogan zalam virar....2

F: Tuka disacho nialltam, ratcho sopnant tuka dekhtam,
Kallzan fugasanv bogtam, rozarn magtam, vattek dolle laitam...2

F: Bostoch bolkanvantle sopear, dollear ieta tujo rupkar
Mozo mog tuka aslear, yeoa mojea uskear, dourinkai ankvar...2

M: Tuka rautalom anv ankvar, moga kedna zatai kazar
Kazar zainai tum zalear, soddtolom sonvsar, mogan zalam virar....2

F: Anik dovrinkai kontin, sodanch niall tuje motin
Soglo sonvsar tuje vinn, lagta re kotinn, veginch kor re potin...2

M: Tuka rautalom anv ankvar, moga kedna zatai kazar
Kazar zainai tum zalear, soddtolom sonvsar, mogan zalam virar....2

F: Mozo mog tuka aslear yea mojea uskear, dourinkai ankvar...2

04. RAUTAM TUKARita Rose

Anvem sodeleli axea tuji, Tumvem pissudli koxi moji,
Pai don bhurgeamcho, bapui tum tancho, dhorli asss ostoreamchi..2

Ye anv rautam tuka, sodanch rautam tuka...
Duddu tuje kabar zatoch tim bhair ghaltelim visronaka .....}...2

Tum geloi mhunn anv kainch mhunno nam,
Tuka vaitt passun anv mago nam
Noxiban assa, tench anv bogtelim, tujer xirap soddchinam…2

Ye anv rautam tuka, sodanch rautam tuka...
Duddu tuje kabar zatoch tim bhair ghaltelim visronaka .....}...2

Tornem rogot tujem denvtelem, Tujem natok ek dis somptelem,
Ath motve zatoch, sogleani soddtoch, darrr mojem uktench astelem....2

Ye anv rautam tuka, sodanch rautam tuka...
Duddu tuje kabar zatoch tim bhair ghaltelim visronaka .....}...2


Altara mukhar ubim rauleam,
Estolan hath bandun sontosleaum,
Somdirant guspotaleaum, uske pass zaleaum, xekim aiz ektaim zaleaum

Anv tujem, tum mozo, kallzak petla mogacho uzo....2

Mudi galun gulfak geloloi
Thoimsoir pavon maca visroloi
Sant Antoni lagim magtoch, noveani kortoch, porot tum amger ailoi

Anv tujem, tum mozo, kallzak petla mogacho uzo....2

Mudi tujea aiz zalea bottak,
Mozo hat dorleai tujea attak,
Tum vetai tuim vetilim, sodanch rautelim, saullek toxench tea vottak.

Anv tujem, tum mozo, kallzak petla mogacho uzo....2

06. MOGAN PIXE ZALE Alfred & Rita Rose

C: Tambdde tambdde tuje polle, pollun pixe ami zale
Kallzant martat gho balle, martat gho balle,mogan pixe zale…}2

CH: Amkam naka tumcho mogu, Papa mama korit fogu
Ami marinam lagu, marinam lagu dourinakat ragu….}2

C: Ami bhurge ekdom uxear, ponje xinkop kelam passar
tumi zaxeat tor kazar, zaxeat tor kazar, dotik nakat ozar..}2

CH: Tumchi utram lagtat goddu, tumi chedde ekdom naddu,
Ragan zainakat koddu, zainca koddu, nakat tumche duddu..}2

C: Tumkam bhorteleaum bhangaran, bonvdaitele motoran
Amche osole noure, osole noure, meuchenant sonvsaran..}2

CH; Tumche tondam assa sakor, Kallzan dukicho vakor
Poddtoch rateran bitor, rateran bitor Nakar poddot fator..}2


Sorgavelo anj maka mhunntalem
Ghodd ghodd utramnim lettoitalem
Bheij maka ditalem, vengent gheun khelloitalem…}
Kednach sodchinam mhunn sangtalem……………}2

Noxibak roddtam, tuka xinnona
Soddun maka gelim munn tuka vaitt magona....}2

Devan mojer areychem dunems dhaddlem
Hatt paiem cholona, kattir rauchem podlem
Tujea mogachem denem atam maka zai aslem…………….}
Punn maka soddun tum ankvar cheddeank gheun poulem..}2

Noxibak roddtam, tuka xinnona
Soddun maka gelem munn tuka vaitt magona....}2

Sezareani ajilant maka ghalla
Sonvsarak upkarna toslo bheos zala
Kazara dis jurament atarar mukar tumvem dila
Punn tho jurament tunvem bazun kheila

Noxibak roddtam, tuka xinnona
Soddun maka gelem munn tuka vaitt magona....}2


Ch: Kazarachim anv zalim moje maim, kedna kortai kazar…}
Rostean choltanam, sezarcho santan korta muge bejar..}2

Mai: Bhie nakai tum papa tugelo gela mugo tarvar………}
Kazar koruncheak zoddun addtolo ozaranche ozar..}2

Ch: Pondra vorsachim zalim moje maim kazar yeta dolleant..}
Niden sopnetam, kallzant anvdetam naka dista sonvsar..}2

M: Oh ede sokalim kazar nhoi tuka, tujea bhurgeponnar..}
Kazar zaxi tor roddtolem mukar tujea matar ponnar…}2

CH: Sezarchim cheddvam kazar zalim maim, anv rauchinam ankvar
Pondra vorsamchim okol zalim maim, jivit zata pikar

M: Oh ede sokalim kazar nhoi tuka, tujea bhurgeponnar..}
Kazar zaxi tor roddtolem mukar tujea matar ponnar…}2


Soirik zaleli maka, tednach deklo tuka,
Kitlea loka modem amchea gharant, mudi gali maka
Anv loztalim tuka, tum loztaloi maka,
Janerant kazar zaumia munntaloi, hem tum visro naka

Anv barik assa mhunn, main tuje soiriki moddunk laili,.. }
Mojea abruchi beporva keli naim, mudi addun portun dili.. }2

Sogott maka kendta, novrean sodlem mhunnta,
Oklek kosolem punn nott assa, mhunn gozali korta
Noure zaite pieta, khobor kodtoch veta,
Mudi galun soirik poilich modlea, kiteak te vincharta

Tuje maimchem aikon, tumvem maka sounsarant lojek ghatlem..}
Mojea jivitacher khot naslem, tumven mojer khot ghatlem }2

Zaunk zai tem zatelem, ghoddonk zai ghoddtelem
Noxiban dukh bhogunk assa zalear, tench bhogchem poddtelem
Tukai ek bhoinn assa, tem vodlem zatolem
Maka tunvem kelam toxem taka goddot, tednach tuka gomtelem

Anv hat zoddun magtam, magnim kortam,sodanch tum sukhan bonvonk,
Tuji maim soddta tosli motti motti okol beginich tuka mevonk

10. EKSUREM JIVIT- Alfred Rose

Aslem tedna mojea dolleam mukar,
Sorga porim diso maka sonvsar
Khorem tem moga zatam anv kumsar..}
Tuzo mog sodanch urlo kallzar....}2

Eksurem hem kalliz mojem, roddta tuka dis ratrichem, }
Sodanch dollear yeta rupnem tujem…………………….}2

Thoddoch teomp tum mojea gopan aslem
Atam sandun dolleam bhair tum gelem
Mojem kalliz tumvem chorun velem...}
Tuzo ugddas dovrun kodsorlem.........}...2

Eksurem hem kalliz mojem, roddta tuka dis ratrichem,..}
sodanch dollear yeta rupnnem tujem…………………….}2

Sundor sobau tuzo neketracho
Modur tallo tuzo sanvorecho,
Tuzo anso maka bhangaracho....}
Sopnan yeun dakoi rupkar tuzo...}....2

Eksurem hem kalliz mojem, roddta tuka dis ratrichem, .}
Sodanch dollear yeta rupnem tujem……………………….}..2

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Alfred Rose Song Lyrics - U-Z


Fottkiro, Fottkiro,
Upkar naslolo poi zalo fottkiro,
Fottkiro, Fottkiro,
Fantear daraxim rinn magonk etalo,
Rinn kaddun, runn kaddun,
Loka khustar janot neson bhonvtalo,
Sirvis kaim korinaslo,
Xekim konnem teka Abu Dhabi velo.

Don Vorsanim porot ailo Bomboi,
Taxinim bhonvtalo olo-lo-loi,
Hero koso nestalo, cheddvam martalim zompoi,
Inglez uloitalo sangpachi nhoi,
Duddu magot zalear olo-lo-loi,
Duddu anvem ghetleat tor, mhunno axinad kel'lem kagot dakoi.

Talanim, falanim,
Goeam kazar zalo vogot lailo nam,
Cheddvacho maim pai,
Jhetak bul'lim tachi khobor kaddli nam,
Xiklelem cheddum tem,
Taka fottkireacho dubau poddonk nam,
Abu Dhabi tem pautoch,
Taka gomlem novreak ravonk suat nam.

Thoimsorui toh sirvris korinaslo,
Offis begam math gheun bhonvtalo
Rinnanim jietalo, osoch Bomboi ailolo,
Filmstaram porim suttam xiumtalo,
Dorjeank duddu farir korinaslo,
Xiklelea cheddvacho, jiv poieat sukantlo dukhan ghalo.

Kuwaitchea ganvanim,
Kitlim Goemchim cheddvam assat xinklelim,
Pounk distat kai borim,
Tambddim tambddim bhirond peram piklelim
Novre te manager mhunn,
Somzon babddim honran kazar zalelim,
Manager khoimche te waiter,
Thodde bekar mhunn tim chinunk poddlelim.

Arabiak than etat tankam bhulchem nhoim,
Tim tanchim pil'lam akinch giuchim nhoim,
Hero koxe nestat mhunn, te xinknnar mhunn sozmonchem nhoim,
Sogllech officer mhunn chintchem nhoim,
Khobor kaddinastanam ravchem nhoim,
Bhoinnanim chotur ravat, upkar naslelea fottkireank patieunchem nhoim.


Aslo ek cheddo artinim uxear, fatrachim baulim kori jinsamvar,
Donui ath aplea kori uzar, taka ojeaptalo lok sabar,
Pai bob mari donui ath gheun mather, aik puta sangtam zaunakai udar,
Oslim baulim tum korxi zalear, nindchem podtelem ritea pottar.

Pai anvdetalo, sodanch chintalo, putak koruncheak dotor,
Put vavurtalo, baulim kortalo. kantorn jinsache fator,
Lok ojeaptalo, dipkon urtalo marlelea porim montor,
Taka lok vankandtalo, punn pai kendatalo, putak dukh zatali bitor.

Bapain putak kainch unnem kelem nam, zaitem xinkop diunk fatti sorlonam,
Punn putak kednach vankandlonam, tachea vavrak valor dilonam,
Putache artik urba meulinam, punn putan matui porva kelinam,
Vavr korinastanam raulonam, baulim korpachim bond kelimnam.

Ek dis tea putan, tapon thea vottan, Saibinnichi imaj keli,
Sobit pintarun imaji pondak apli nixxani ghali,
Imaji gheun athan, tho gelo xetan, maten thi imaji purli,
Teach xettan vavr kortana, nangor ghaltana, paik tachea imaj meuli.

Imaj polloun pain ekdom ojeaplo, Pe.vigar addun vankadunk laglo
Poi puta hi imaj kortolo, khoro zaunk zai eok artist vhodlo,
Tujeo imaji paiemcho dullo, pai mhunon putan bapaik vengoilo,
Imaji pondak nixanim polloun, pain putache vengen jiv sodlo

Avoi-bapaini apnnachea bhurgeank diunk zai appreciasaum,
Dusreank vakandtat apnacheak kendtat, bhurgim bhogtat fugasaum,
Zor thor vannkani na, urba kilonam, chepon veta occasaum
Hich istor pai putachi, istor vankanechi, mai-paik ek borem lissaum

VIVA LA GOA - Alfred Rose

I'm an Espanhol come to see your Goa,
Oh yes your Goa is very very good,
I saw Panjim, I saw Margao, I saw Vasco
And at Mapuca, I tasted real Goan food,
Your ladies are so pretty and so witty,
And fenni has now brought me in the mood.

La la la la la la la la la la,
Oh Viva la Goa,
La la la la la la la la la la,
Oh Viva la Goa,
La la la la la la la la la la,
Oh Viva la Goa,
La la la la la la la la la la,
Your Goa's really good

Senhor Caitan Silva took me to see Colva,
He says in Colva theres not a single thief,
Then he took me to see beautiful Calangute,
Where all the hippies, are like Adam and Eve,
People think I'm bullfighting torero,
They are teachim me to drink Goemcho Soro.

Repeat Chorus ...La la la la la la la la la la,
Oh Viva la Goa....

All your people in Goa speak konkani,
Oh your konkani is very very nice,
And your folk dances are many many many,
And your mando-dulpod are really full of spice,
Two good konkani words now I do know
When I'll get angry I'll say 'Tuje maimcho Ghov',....

Repeat Chorus
La la la la la la la la la la,
Oh Viva la Goa.....

XIDDKAUNNI - Alfred Rose

Uzvea hathan aiz, davea hathak patieonk zainam
Khorea ixttak pasun, hea tempar patieonk zainam
Sirvidorak pasun, hea tempar patieonk zainam
Bhavak ani bhoinnink pasun, aiz patieonk zainam

Eka sunneank poxit zalear, tem tuji rakonn korta
Sirvidorak ghor samballunk dilear, to zaite pavtt ghor chorta
Ghorcheam munxeank jivexim marun, avchit to nattak zata
Dekun tacho fottu kaddun dovrat, serkar xiddkavnni dita

Indira Gandhi, porjechea ti mogachi
Ikmotin sambavtali, sovostkai Indiechi
Kosli noxtti korni, tichi rakonn korteleanchi
Ticher far soddun, tika nidoili, ti nid sasnnanchi

Khobor aikon, gorib-girest roddonk laglint dukhanin
Indira Gandhi zavn asli, sovostkaiechi rannim
Vagak martat, toxi tika, marli kitleach faranim
Fodfuddun ti, kabar zali, ang xirxirta bhavanim

Indiecho pai mhunnttat, Mahatma Gandhi
Indiechi maim zali, Indira Gandhi
Indiecho Pordan Montri, atam Rajiv Gandhi
Dhoniam ho zago, boreponnim cholovnk, taka kurpa dhi

Indian xerkaran amkam kitem kelam’ oxem mhunnonk favonam
‘Ami Indie pasot kitem kelam’ oxem ami kiteak chintinam
Indiek sonvsari vhodd nasanvam modem, hem voir ubarlear dubav nam
Tichea mornant rito zal’lo zago,kednanch bhorunk zanvcho nam

Vaitt korta poi titleim, dolleank disti poddta
Borem korta tacher, rokddich visor poddta
‘Tinnem kitem borem kelam’ zaite zann mhunntta
Orissa, Assam, Punjabak gelear, apxinch disti poddta

CHOGM-chea membrank visov ghevnk, Goa tinnem vinchun kaddlem
Novo airport kantrun, roste korun, Goa tinnem porzollailem
Goa oslem neketr Indiek nam mhunn, tinnem sonvsarak dakoilem
Indira sovostkaiechem neketr, kotta itlean palovlem
Indira sovostkaiechem neketr, kotta itlean palovlem


Dis tujea zolmacho, dis vhode khoxecho,
Happy Birthday mhunon ugddas kortanv tuzo

Sorgar kor Anjeamcho, saad ghaltat borea yeneacho
Sonvsar chear disancho, anson khellon sarcho

Fuddar tuzo choddom, ontreg tuje vaddom
Pest pidda pois poddom, tujem sukh urom.

Rup tujem anjeachem, kalliz chodd mogachem
Deva Bapan aplem bessaum tujer ghalchem

Zolmacho dis tuzo, Zolmacho dis tuzo,
Anson khellon sodanch sarcho
Zolmachoooo disssss tujoooooo


Alfred Rose Song Lyrics - R S T

115.RAILWAY GATEAlfred RoseDogam niz mog kornaram tim Navelim ganvchim,
Thoddeam dissani dogaim kazar aslelim zaunchim,
Mhunno dusman upraslear moronk toyar ravchim,
Morosor ami dogaim sodonch mogan bhonvchim.

Recival ti korunk vetana Navelim aksident ghoddta,
Scooter busicher marun rostear tim toumoutat,
Eke taxin ghalun tankam Margao hospisi voron addta,
Pun khotta pavcha adim Margao railway gete poddta.

Xekim tim Margao pavtoch getichea bhairuch urlim
Kuddintlem rogot vochon mornache toddiek pavlim,
Get ti ukolteili mhunn getik tim khup vell ti ravlim,
Khotta noxib futki tim getichea bhairuch somplim.

Ti gatiche bhair moronk ho guneav konnacho,
Antun gunneakari konn guneav serkaracho,
Amchea goencha serkaran overbridge thuimsor bandpacho,
He railway getik lagon jiv kabar kitlea zannacho.

Roste tea kosddon geleat khobor konn zait gheta,
Road tax borunk vell kelear amkam talanv dita,
Road tax ami bortat tea sang tea khuimsor veta,
Dissan dis tea rosteamchi doxea vaitt zait veta.

Dekhun amchea serkaran sangnem hea monan dovorchem,
Overbridge bandun rosteacher traffic sompem korchem,
Motora scooter aslolea lokanche magnem mandun tannim gheunchem,
Sompepon rosteamchear cholonk lokank korun dinvchem (twice)
SANDRAAlfred Rose

Moje khuxik tum eun bostai,
Matxe matxe lagim sortai, kira bhaxen maka chonchtai, kiteakkkkk
Chimte maka kaddun anstai,
Vengen maka dhorunk sodtai,
Phatlean san ghott maka dhortai, kiteakkkkk

Oh sandra hai Sandra, rautai tum pali hill Bandra
Sandra vhoi sandra, tedna vorsam aslim pondra
Sandra ho sandra, montchea festa meulem bandra
Nodrek sampodlem, mogan tum podlem sat vorsam zalim sandra

Sandra ek cheddum China chem, gulgulit tambdea polleamchem
Daktulea dakteam dolleamche..aha
Amurkench anstea thondachem
Sobitaichea vontamchem
Daktulea cheptea nakachem...aha

Oh podlom voi podlom, chinachea mogan aum podlom
Raulom voi raulom,sath vorsam passun aum ravlom
Zalom voi zalom chinacho mogi aum zalom
Kante culleran athan jeutalom, bodiamani jeunk atam xinklom

Chavoit zalear tem chavoita, ching chong ching chong ching chong korta
Nakteani fafsuncheak ieta haha
Ragan tambdem birond zata, boussoude bhaxen polleta
Beij gheutoch rokdench pigouta aha

Sandra oh sandra mhunnta aum kazar zatelilm
Honey moonak mhunnta aum chinak vetelim
Porot ietoch konkani bhasui xinktelim
Sounsar poitelm, goeam ietelim, kalche koddien aum jeutelim
Voi Sandra sandra, sandra oh sandra

SAT OSTOREOAlfred RoseSat ostoreo ekttaim zaleo,
Aplea attanin vavronk lagleo,
Oixim rupya gheun fuddem sorleo,
Pun zoitivont aiz zaunk pavleo.

Gharacho despez chodd zata dekhun,
Duddu zoddunk vepar tanim kelo,
Terrescher vachon vavor suru korun,
Poiloch tancho maal vikrek bhair sorlo,
Poilea vorsa so hozar rupya yetat,
Dusrea vorsak sath hozar rupya zoddtat,
1959 vorsa than tim vavurtat,
Atam vorsak sotor millianv rupya yetat.

Vepar tancho nhoim chodd voddlo,
Punn soglle sonvsarak bhoinnanin sorlo
Indiek porko duddu zoddlo,
Team ostoreank aiz mann voddlo.

Ti sath zanam aiz zalean sath hozar,
Poilem kortat sogllem ghorche karbaar,
Urlolo vell korunk bostat vepaar,
Chintlear heo ostoreo kitleo ushyaar,
Sokalim tim thoddem pitt ghara addtat,
Ghocho vavr zatokocht tem pitt lattunk bostat,
Vhoddli matna korinan fokott papde kortat,
Tea papde voron tannin aplea offican ditat.

Lijjad papad mhunntlear aiz gazta sonvsar,
Bomboichea ostoreanche hea vhodd karbar,
Tumchea athanin bhoinani arti asat sabar,
Pun azun pasun korunk nam uzar.

Lonche miscuit balchanv korunk zata,
Toxich ti ruchik mole korunk zata,
Para korun battleanin borunk zata,
Gharant boson ho vavr korunk zata,
Ambechea tempar ambeachea lonchem korunk zai,
Limbeachea tepar limechea lonchem korunk zai,
Tannin papde keleat tumi hem korunk zai,
Ani goencheo ostoreo uxear mhunn dakhounk zai

Anv kuwait astanam, ek bail maka meuli,
Ti fugar zatali, dukhani roddtali,
Sath vorsam zalim, ti sirvis kortali
Kednai guneanv nastana, tancho marui khatali.

Panch bhurgeamchi khoim ti maim,
Ghovak tiche poddonk naslem kaim,
Tanem soro pion sonvsar kelolo dukachi baim,
Munxeaponn muhnntat tem matui naslem tache thaim,
Bhurgim roddot bhuk laglea maim,
Konnenuch adar dilolo na kaim,
Kuwait vetoch feliz zatoch lok mhunnonk laglo,
Kuwait mouza marta panch bhurgeamchi maim.

Kuwait igorje lagim ek cheddum aslelem,
Sogleak guspotalem, chitt borounk sodtalem
Maka polletoch danvon lagim ailem
Maink chitt mojre boroi adar magonk laglem

Pain tache dolle danklele,
Dakte dakte bhav tache asle,
Pain zodlole poixe mainche dunesak kobar zale,
Attve vitte kaddit konnuch adar dinasale,
Kuwait vochon bhavank xinkoile,
Maimche alaval unnem zale,
Torui kurnatim munis taka mhuunonk lagle,
Poi cheddvan mouza marun duddu kele.

Gulf vetokoch, sogleank disti podta,
Punn kiteak vetat zai, hem sodun konn kadta,
Nirbagi ghorabeank, sang konn adar dita,
Punn hi add nasleli jib, zai toxi katorta.

Gulfak vochon kitle bailanim,
Uzvadd adla aplea gharanim,
Barkaien aikoxeat zonn ekleachi dukeest kani
Kalliz futton dolle bhoronk pavot dukani
Punn gulfak vochon zaiteam bailani
Nanv apleam ogddailem bhoinani
Punn thoddeank lagon sogleank ekech tagden zokchenhoi,
Sogleamchi izot kaddchi nhoi bhavani

SOPNAN DISTOLOMAlfred Rose & Rita Rose
Ch: Roddon roddon goilloitam dukham,
Eksurponn dileim makam,
Gathki mornan giraslo tukam
Randdponn aiz dileim makam

C: Sorgar anv assam Anjea
Ankantak pavtam anv tujea,
Sasnnanchi ghetlea rojea
Bhurgeank tum samball mojea

Chedum: Koslem kazar mojem novlanchem
Sukh fokot panch vorsanchem
Eksurponn pounk zainam bhurgeanchem
Moddlem verem tarvachem

Chedum: Eksurponnan koxe diss sarum,
Konnank anve ulo marum,
Bhurgim roddtat anv kitem korum
Sang mozo jiv diun morum

Cheddo: Kupav magon daddtolom
Sodanch sopnan anv distolom
Deva lagim magtolom
Jivit tujem sukhi kortolom

Chedum: Bhurgeank polloun bhogtam fugasanv,
Jiv naslelim zaleam anv,
Dimbler ravon kortam orasanv
Dhonim tuji khoxi zanv

Ek famil mudansak geleli,
Gharachi chavi sezareanger dhorleli,
Att disanim yeta mhunn khobor sangleli,
Punn sorpan tanchi kat kaddli

Ek dis auchit, ek khobott gheun dog kuli aile,
Familin tem viktem ghetlam mhunn te sangonk lagle,
Chavi gheun khobott te gharan dovrun gele
Punn dusrea disa chukh zali mhunn sangon,
Tench khobott voronk aileat

Ti famil mudans korun aili,
Gharan bitor sortoch soglich thottakli,
Gharan kainch naslem ghor zalelem khali,
Hi chori konnem adarli,

Tea kobottan ek sorop aslo garsuleam dolleamcho,
Khobott gharan bitor dovortoch bhair sorlo ratcho,
Vostu chorun kobottan galun apunn riglo porto,
Te kuli yetoch tem khobott vortoch,
Dubau poddlona tancho.

Tho sorop auchit Goeam pavlo,
Ratricheo thoim choreo korunk laglo,
Darar marun konnachea gharan guslo,
Pistol dakhoun bailek benkdaunk laglo.

Gharan konnuch naslo mhunntoch bail bieli,
Chol soro add, chol nistem bhaz tika formaili
Nistem bazun tel galun kail chulir dovorli,
Tem tel taptoch kail dolleamcher martoch
Garsuleanchi vixtt ulpaili

Samballat bhoinnani tumchim gharam,
Konnakui uktim korinakat dharam,
Sorpanim bhorleat vadde toxinch xaram,
Te mass khavun dovortat addam.

Zanv vaddeani zanv xaramani sorop chodd zaleat,
Flatani eun chorieo korun jiv gheun geleat,
Garsule te tankam ratchem dista chotrai dhorat,
Tumche dadle gharan nam zatoch bhoinnani,
Tumim samballun ravat

SANT ANTON ANI SANT JUDEAlfred & Rita RoseRR: Kaluch chitt maka ailea
AR: Chittir kitem bhoroilam
RR: Sant Antonichem noven soddanch kor mhunn formoilam
Osleo vis chitti boroin ixttinik patoi sanglem
Dadinam tor ghov mortolo bhoroilam

AR: Baile maka poi chitt aila tosoli
RR: Tuje chittir khobor asa kosoli
AR: Sant Judache noven kor, ani vis chitti boroi
Tujea ixttank teo pattoi, nam tor ghorkarn morteli
RR: Kitem
AR: Hoi boroilam
RR: Hanv mortelim
AR: Oxem boroilam mhaka (twice)

AR: Baile maka poi chitt aila tosoli
RR: Tuje chittir khobor asa kosoli
AR: St. Judache noven kor Ani vis chitti boroi
Tujea ixttank teo pattoi nam tor bail tuji morteli
RR: Kitem
AR: Oxea boroila
RR: Hanv mortelim
AR: Hoi - Poi (5 times)
Saiba bhogos
AR: Poi kitem boroilam tem

RR: Chittir boroilam toxem, konnem kelam poi taka
Pondra dissam modemkat, ponas lakh favo zaleat
AR: Boroilam tem korunk nam, tachem sang kitem zalam
RR: Tache soglle vatten nissonton zalam

AR: Atam tum kitem kortai
RR: Anv viss chitti patoitam
Aiz san st. atoniche sodanch novena korta
AR: Dogaim santamchim novena tumch kor mhunn anv sangtam
Khoimcho sant 50 lakh dita tem anv polletam

RR: Poi poi
AR: Anv polletam anv poleita anv polieta
RR: Boss bhitor ani poi

AR: Atam tum kitea kortai
RR: Anv viss chitti patoitam
Aiz san st.Antoniche sodanch novena korta
AR: Dogaim santanchim novena tunch eklich kor anv sangta m
Khuincho sant 50 lakh dita tem anv polletam
Poi anv polletam anv polletam
RR: Poi poi poi
AR: Anv poietam

RR: Atam kitem tum chintai
AR: Tujem pissemponn chintam
RR: Antam postan anv vochon 40 postcardam adtam
AR: 40
RR: Tantlim 2o tuka ditam ani 20 anv pattoitam
AR: Saiba bhogos
RR: St.Anton milagr kortolo mhunn ravtam

AR: Age baie 40 postcardam addtai bap re
Hi chitt poilai kitea hai poi ti poi poi poi
He ani tea post cardachi zaun pachi ha
Hea fullscape paper ata kiten
Inland letter ha tatun zalear zait
Pun tacho rate kitlo tu zanoi
RR: Kitlo
AR: Ded rupya,Ekak ded rupya
40 ani one fifty mutlear, 60 rupya zale
Age mujea avoi 60 rupya anv luskon zatolo mojea baile
RR: Luskon zatolo AR: Hoi
RR: Kiteak biyetai mojea ghova, hea chittir vachunk nai tunven
AR: Kitem
RR: 15 dissam modenkat amkam 50lakh favo zatele mhunn
AR: Avoi
RR: Tum kiteak biyetai tor
AR: Yede vhoddlem tond korun asai tum, 50 lakh meutele mhunn
Borem poiya
RR: Fokot 15 diss rav tum
AR: 15 diss ravonk
RR: Hoi 50 lakh meutele amkam
AR: Borem tor rav

AR: Osle zaiteo chitti yea adim mhaka ailat
Teo soglleo chitti pinzun anven kochrean uddoileat
Baile anvui moronk nam ani tumvum moronk nam
RR: Itleo chitti aileat mhunn tunven mhaka sangonk nam
AR: Tuka sangtolo ani kitea, sangpache urlam
AR: Osle zaiteo chitti adim mhaka ailat
Teo soglleo chitti pizun anven kochrean udeylyat
Baile tumvuim moronk nai ani anvui moronk nam
RR: Itleo chitti aileat munn tunven mhaka sangonk nam
AR: Tuka sangonk zaim aslem mista Age bai

AR: B.A. M.A, tu xinklaim tori kosli hi pissai
Oslea chittichear bhorvaso tum dorinakai bai
Rochtolo Dev amcho baap, tache lagin magonk zai
Osleo chitti pinzun bhair udonk zai
RR: Bhair udonk zai
AR: Rochtolo Dev amcho baap, tache lagin magonk zai
Osleo chitti pizun dobean udonk zai
RR: Dobean udonk zai

Adanv Even ti kudd dampli zaddachea panani,
Tech porim adleani tea zanvarachi chamdeani
Ami zoddtam xemborani, vorak moddtat ozarani
Hi kuddik surngaitam jinsam torimcheam luggtani

Punn sangat chinta zait konn, munxean uzar kelem mon
Tin athyaram voi ghoddleant sogleank mellonk sompepon
Aiz nesop amchem sudorlam him athyaram asson
Niallit tanchem vhoddponn, dolleank yetelem dison
Kitle zan man bhogta tea athyarank lagon,
Heam athyaramcher vomplam dorjeponn

Him bolladik uzar kortat aiz soglea ganvani
Tanchea udexim man zoddla zaitea Goemkarani
Him athyaram uzar korun vhodd nanv dovorlam thoddeani
Bandun passun dovorlea Bomboi Goemkaranchi coloni

Ti sui suth ani kator, ekvottan dakoita pavor
Kator katorta, sui xinvta suth galun bitor
Eok eok dorji dakoita aple arthicho valor
Ti sui suth ani kator nesoita amkam angbor,
Punn teo noixtteo modi sonvsarache bitor
Xinvta toch tho dorji gheun sui suth kator

Parxeani Hindwani ekvottachi guinad galun
Aple commnidadik bildingam dovrleant bandun
Adle girest mhunntat tannim ti girestai ektaim korun
Focot vavurleat apleak tim pollkim voram zoddunk

Grant road Bombaim poixi tor, dadosta pounk dolle bhor
Somplelea AR Diasak Goemkaracnho mog chodd
Poili Goemkaranchi colony tannem bandli Grant Road
Dublo punn zank paulo vhodd, nennar xinkop naslem tor,
Ugddas tacho urlo ho sonvsar sompo sor,
Vavurlo gheun focot thi sui suth ani kator.

SUKH SUKH SUKH AILEM LOTTONAlfred RoseAh!Sukh, sukh sukh ailem lotton
Dukh, dukh dukh gelem uddon
Poddlear passun dukhona, marlear pasun lagona
Odhruxtt aiz tan gelem sutton

Oh! Pas zalom anv pas zalom, xekim BA pas zalom
Sirvis atam kortolom, vhodlo officer zatolom La la

Sukh, sukh sukh ailem lotton
Dukh, dukh dukh gelem uddon
Poddlear passun dukhona, marlear pasun lagona
Odhruxtt aiz tan gelem sutton

Hoi! Maim khoxenuch bhorteli
Vengen maka dhorteli
Xezareank apoiteli, Devak argam diteli
Khoxechim dukham roddtteli

Khoxenuch anv hanstam, uddon uddon nachtam
Gumot tople vaztam, dadosponnam xiztam la la al

Sukh, sukh sukh ailem lotton
Dukh, dukh dukh gelem uddon
Poddlear passun dukhona, marlear pasun lagona
Odhruxtt aiz tan gelem sutton

Ah! Khoxechim vanvtat dukham
Kallza-kui funttli pakam
Sukhnnem koxem uddtam, dadosponnam buddtam
Noxiban zok-zokhlim thikam

Oh! Pas zalom anv pas zalom, xekim BA pas zalom
Sirvis atam kortolom, vhodlo officer zatolom La la

Ah!Sukh, sukh sukh ailem lotton
Dukh, dukh dukh gelem uddon
Poddlear passun dukhona, marlear pasun lagona
Odhruxtt aiz tan gelem sutton

RR: Hello Hello
AR: Hello
RR: Hello Darling
AR: Koxem Assai

RR: Na anv ulounchinam, tuje borim eunchinam
Kal etam mhunn tunvem sanglelem, anik anv aikochinam
AR: Tum bulbul anv tujem maina, kiteak bai eunk zaina
RR: Tum telephone korun fottoitai anv kazarui zanchim nam

AR: Zainakai, zainakai, kazar zainam zainakai
Sezarchem Filomen moji korta apurbai
Ami kazar zataum, amkam poun roddons akai
RR: Tujea porva thoddi, kazar maka korta pai
Tuje oslo chearsoviss novro maka kiteak zai

RR: Sodanch telephone kortai, picture-ak vortam mhunntai
Picture bicture kaim ek nam oxench maka fottoitai
Anink Telephone kortai, guneanv zalo mhunntai
Maka fottoun Filomenank dansak cinemak vortai

AR: Elona, Elona kiteak taptai Elona
Tujea moga bogor mojem kalliz alona
Tuzoch mog hea kallzan dholta, dusro dholona
RR: Atam tuje nokre mojea fuddeam cholona
Tuka mevlam babream vonttanchem Filomana

RR: Filomenank mevtelim, tum koslo sangtelim
Tache lagim kosso kazar zatai to poitelim
Tujim temam khevtelim, tuka bud xikoitelim
Aiz than maka telephone korxi, pulisek sangtelim

RR: Kitem tor, kitem tor, chedvak atam chodlo zor
Fotti sangon, koddko mhunon, tum kortai dunvor
Azun passun tunch mojea kallzachi kunvor
Kiteak maka chavoitai, kalliz dukoita tor
AR: Sangtam sokla mev maka, atam telephone bond kor

Vhodd vhodd munis vavurtat sonvsarak diunk sovostkai,
Hi sovostkai dische suater tich uchambollai,
Devache munnyari fuddem sorleat gheun eok upai,
Rozar magnnem vorvim zoddunk luskonn zal'li girestkai

Vochot thoim cholta vavr vaddounk Devosanv tersachem,
Favo korunk munxeakullak dennem Dev kurpechem,
Jedna hea tempar sonvsarant, cholta zuz kuddi-othmeanchem,

Zor toe ek famil teors korit sodanch ekttaim ravon,
Te familicher Devachem bessanv eta denvon,
Bhurgeam-ballamcho bhavart kedinch vhochonam bavon
Ghottai tankam mevta akantak Saibinn Maim pavon

Hem tersachem Devossanv Goemkarank nhoi novidade
Hem devossanv korun, sukh bhogi adli komnidade
Famil ekttaim korun rozar, khuxeal asli Goemchi cidade
Dekununch tanchem bessanv ghali Santizm Trinidade

Adlea tempar Goeam saad aikotoch Aimorecho,
Vhoddlim-dhakttim-zanttim-nenntim aplea ghara vocho,
Dimbi ghalun, ath zoddun, korit xinvor magnneacho,
Punn Bomboi, hem dissonam zaunk, sangat guneav konnacho.

Zor amkam zai, amchea ghorabear Devachem bessanv
Tech porim, amcheam bhurgeamcheam othmeachem salvassanv
Zor tor amkam zai sovostkai, tor aiz thanuch koria tessanv
Sodankal korunk ekvottan tersachem Devossanv.
Hem zuz upraslam unnem zaun Devossanv gorjechem.

TICKET COLLECTOR - Alfred RoseSuttli Saiba suttli, sirvis moji suttli
Arey noxibachi pottli, chirputt marinastanam futtli,
Railwayin ticket, collectorachi sirvis bori asli,
Futtli Saiba, futtli, jeunachi boxi futtli.

Sodanch time-ar anv astalom, sirvisui sarki kortalom,
Mojem uniform ghaltalom, ticket nasleleank dhortalom,
Gorib zait tor polletalom, tanche churchure kortalom,
Konn gupit duddu diit zalear, tankam pulisen vortalom,

Ek diss aslom Dadar, thuimsor meulo Father,
Tache pattlean cholo, ek cheddum and her mother,
Anvem mhunnlem, 'Ticket please' tannem mhunnlem dont you bother'
Anv vochon fuddean ravlom, mhunnlem 'anv bai ticket collector'

Tannem sanglem tikett sanddli, maim jhetan bhair cholonk lagli
Anvem tika thoinch addaili, ani bhitor voch mhunn sangli,
Cheddvan ghott maka veng marli, tache main ek kinvonch soddli,
Anv cheddvanco Romeo mhunnon, lokan marun padd hi foddli.

Pulisen maka dhorlo, anv mhunn roadside Romeo,
cheddvache maim mhunnlem, 'Vho Romeo dhorta komeo'
Pattui foddli, tokli foddli, foddleot donui dimbio,
Sirvisechoi kaddlo, atam anv bekar roaming Romeo.

Kal tem porot meulam maka, mhunnta 'Ragar tum zaunaka'
'Tuka veng marleli poi ti, rath diss bejar korta maka'
Anvem mhunnlem 'lofdde naka, anik lagim soronaka,
Anv bai bekar roaming Romeo, ghatkeo komeo maka naka.

TORNEM ROGOTHAlfred & Rita RoseRR: Mojea maim-paik anv man dinvchinam, tanchea dolleank passun anv pounchinam,
AR: Dolle tuje bai futtelet, magir khainch tuka dischemnam,
RR: Tankam kuskuttachi vos meunchinam, mojea kusveachea foll dakouchinam,
AR: Foll tujem kusveanuch morot zalear anv konnak xinnchonam.

AR: Bhoin moji maimger astanam paiyamni choltali,
Ghovager vochonam fuddem toklen cholonk lagli,
Varrear udoili thimppi, tujeach thondar poddteli,
Sorgar nhoi sonvsarantuch tuji zoddti zateli.

RR: Moji zoddti zateli tum mhunntai, mojem ghor mandar korunk tum sodtai,
AR: Kai borea tujea ghovacho kiteak sonvsar piddar kortai,
RR: Vhoddli vhoddli xaneaponn sangtai, tujem aikotelim mhunn sozmotai,
Ritti dekhi sangtai maka , ho zalea porim mozo pai .

AR: Pai amcho tuka lagon tokli sokla galun cholta,
Dhuven aplem naak katorlem mhunn suskaron babdo roddta,
Maim pixi koxi bhonvta, kopol aplem dhadaita,
Tuje tokler denvchar bosla, vegim gelear puro mhunn magta.

RR: Aplo maim-pai Dev mhunnon sozmota, tankam nomoskar kor mhunnon sangta
AR: Deva fatlean sonvsarant maim-pai mhunn, tum hea nokoi mista
RR: Tea matreanchi porva konn korta, tankam hea tepar kitem sozmota
AR: Tuka sounsar kitlo sozmota ti, kortubam tujim sangta.

AR: Suneachi xempdi vankdi, noen gatlear sarki zainam
Tuji xempdi ubi asli vankdi koxi zali dev zanam
Pakte nastana uddtai rogoth tornem astanam
Tujem foll tujem paag ghetelem tum sonvsarant astanam.

TUJEM SOPONAlfred & Rita RoseO Ho Ho Ho...Ha ha ha ha...Hai

A: Kapddam tujim vengen dhortam,
Gopan assai mhunn sozmotam,
Rat dis tukach, anv axetam,
Dimbi galun, rozar kortam.

R: Dolle voir kaddun poi, vengen maka apoi,
Anvdde tuje sompoi, marun zompoi,
Atam khoxi zaloi, gopan tujea khelloi,
Kallzak-kalliz melloi, vengent dolloi,

A: Oh moje vengent ailem anjea,
Lipoi maka kallzan tujea.

Both: La la la la la, la la la la la
La la la la la, la la la la la }x2

A: Tuzo rupkar, dolleam mukar
Kalliz mogan bhorlam chikar
Boroun dhortam, mogachea bookar
Kazar zatoch, jieunchim sukar ha ha

R: Sukh tuka meutelem (A: va va )
Kalliz ek zatelem (A: oh my girl)
Eksurponn vetelem (A: oh gelear puro vegin)
Dukh urtelem

Both: La la la la la, la la la la la
La la la la la, la la la la la

A: Utram aikon, khoxi zalom ha ha
Sonvsarant tan, sorgar paulom
Ha ha ha ha, O ho ho ho ho ho
Ho ho ho ho, Ha ha ha ha
Ha ha ha ha, O ho ho ho ho ho
Ho ho ho ho, Ha ha ha ha

A: Dukham goddoun roddo nakai, anik moji ass korn nakai
R: Toxem mhunnonakai, kalliz dukoinakai, tonto zaloi tori tunch maka zai
A: Oslim chintnam chintinakai, sukhi jiv dukhan ghalnakai
R: Dor rochnarak anv dukhi jielim zai, anik na dusro upai

A. Panch vorsam anv mogan lastalom, sangatan anv tujea anv bonvtalom
Sogleak vodvik tuji sangtalom sakrament zoddunk axetalom
Sorgailo anj meula mhunntalom, tuka ranni korunk chintalom
Resperak anv vochonk motoran boslolom, punn aksidentak sampoddlom

A:Sonvsarant anv upkarona, Devan kiteak morn daddlem na
R:Devacher xinn korun, kiteak upkarona, bienakai anjea, anv astana
A:Moddlelea khursak valor nam, tukai konnuch man diumcho nam
R:Munxeacho man mellonam tor porva nam, punn Dev amkam soddchonam

A: Mai Pai tujim ragan bhortelim, thonteak bullam mhunn bob martelim
Voch tum izzot tum Melelim maka sambautelim
R: Mojim maim pai kakut naslelim, munxechem dukh vollkonaslim
Kazar zaun tuka aksident zal'lo zalear sang kitem kortelim aslim

A:Horran muddi galun bottak, kalliz tujem kelem semprak
Fatt kornak sotak ,raji za kazark na tor jiv dietlim hea somdirak
A:Kalliz bettoi dusrea novreak, sukhi zatelem fuddarak
R:Mog anvem bhettoilolo fokot ekleak, kedinch diumchim na dusreak

R: Padrixm vortelim rauchiman
A: Padrik sangtolom kazar zaina
R: Oxem sangxi borem zaumchemna, nakak dorn mortelim rauchinam
A:Maka aksident tor zatonam amchem kazar pattim urchem na
R:Mog tuzo kelolo tum boro astanam, antam anv tuka soddchim nam

TUM MOJGEM SUKHAlfred & Rita Rose
A: Tum mojem, sukh div nakai dukh,
Tum mozo rukh lagona bhuk,
Tuje vinnem sonvsar sogloch dista kalluk,
Tum mojem ful tum ek bulbul, tujea mogan anv zalam gul,
Tuje mukhar mannka mojea anv zomnichi dull.

R: Sant pollunk distai jivo sant,
A: Tum killnakai dant, kuddik suntlo akant
R. Moddd mogachea somdirant
A: Modd zalam thor, maka ghott dhor, jieumchim sukhan

R: Tum mojem, sukh div nakai dukh,
Tum mozo rukh lagona bhuk,
Tuje vinnem sonvsar sogloch dista kalluk,
Tum mojem ful, tum ek bulbul, tujea mogan anv zaleam gul,
Tuje mukhar mannka mojea anv zomnichi dull.

R: Sant pollunk distai jivo sant,
A: Tum killnakai dant, kuddik suntloi akant
R. Moddd mogachea somdirant
A: Modd zalam thor maka ghott dhor, jiumchim sukhan

Both: Tum mojem, sukh div nakai dukh
Tum mozo rukh lagona bhuk
Tuje vinnem sonvsar sogloch dista kalluk
Tum mojem ful tum ek bulbul, tujea mogan anv zalam gul
Tuje mukhar mannka mojea anv zomnichi

R: Dongrailean uddon ailo parvo,
   Kallzan hea riglo anj boddvo,
   Deva jiv vo danvonk laglo, addvo anim tiddvo,
   Premm atam zalo mista koddvo.

A: Koddvo zalear taka godd kortam,
   Porot kallzan anv bitor sortam,
   Adlim kortubam tujim visortam,
R: Nam anv somdiran jiv diun mortam,
A: Adlim kortubam tujim visortam,
R: Nam anv somdiran jiv diun mortam.

R: Khoroch sonvsar fottkiro, premm anvem kel'lo khoro,
   Vaitt chintnam addun aro, mojea abrucho kelo churo,
A: khuimsor to assa, tum dakoi maka,
   Athak mellot tor, anv addtam taka,
R: To mellon nam faidonam, mozo abru porot mellchonam..x2

R: Don vorsam passun taka ravlim,
   Uloi'lim utram khoim pavlim,
   Atam gorib mhunn anv mojim khunnam taka koulim,
   Dekun tannem dusreak fulam maulim.

A: Maka soddun taka bul'leleim,
   Vegim login zaunk ful'leleim,
   Borem tem bhangar tunvem soddleleim,
   Anim rupem vengen dhorleleim......}x2

R: Ingrat zalim tuje thaim, konnak anv mhunnonam kaim,
   Sonvsar vho dukhachi baim,
   Zanvchim assa tachea bhurgeachi maim,
A: Kitem anv aikotam, to khuim poutolo,
   Tujech lagim loginn zauncho poddtolo
R: Bomboi toh login zalo, mojem nirmollponn toddun gelo...x2

R: Lojen aiz tokli ghaltam sokla,
   Sonvsari porzoll mozo sompla,
   Tuzo khoro prem vollkoncheak jiv ho mozo chukla,
   Dekhun mozo sonvsar lojek tenkla.

A: Oprad kelai tuka bhogxitam,
   Patok kelaim, kallzan lipoitam,
   Tujea bhurgeak mojem nanv ditam,
   Tuje lagim anv loginn zatam,.....}x2
R: Nam anv loginn zaunchimnam, tuka lojen ghalchimnam,
   Tuka anv apuddchinam, moji loz anv tujer thapchimnam.

A: Loz anv damptam, tum bhavart dhor mozo,
   Foll dusreachem mhunn lokak dubau poddonezo,
R: Dulobi sozmut tuzo, hea sonvsarant tum Devta mozo...x2

Alfred Rose Song Lyrics - O P


To martir choutea xekddeantlo, Naples mhunntat tea ganvantlo,
Devache kurpen bhagivontponnan jietalo,
Jesuk sodanch vakanddtalo, Sumurt tachi porkonddtalo,
Dekun tacho gomtto katrun jivexim marlolo.

Gomto tacho katortoch tannim,rogot vhanvonk laglem gosgoxeanim,
Khoxi keli tacheam dusmananim, dukham golloilim bhavarteanim,

Tachem vhaumlelem rogot ekttaun,samballun dovorlam ghorcheanim,
Aiz tench rogot bhavam bhoinnanim, bhorlam vizmitanim.

Sant Janarius nanv tachem, to Naples ganv thikann tachem,
Marla teach ganvcho to patron, thuim nanv ghazta tachem,
Tem rogot itleam vorsanchem, rogot tea bhagivontachem,
Samballun dovorlam tem rogot aiz milagrimchem.

Rogtacho pitto voir dovorta, ozaranim lok ekttaim zata,
Sorgar than tacher kurpa denvta, rogot tem porot jivem zata,
Setembr-Dezembr-Maiachea moinean, vorsak tin pavttim oxem ghoddta
Oxem zainam tor lok sozmota, kitem punn vaitt yeta.

Scientistanim topaslam, dolleanim pasun pollelam,
Hem ek sonvsarachem vizmit mhunn boroun dovorlam,
Itleam vorsanchem tem rogot, jivem ani subej zalam,
Hem Koxem zata tem sangonk tanchem mon ghuspolam.

St. Francis Xavier Goeam asa, Santa Rita Espanak assa,
Tancheo rogta masacheo kuddi, azunui hea sonvsaran assa,
St. Anton amcho milagrincho, tachi ojeapanchi jib assa
St. Janariusachem rogot, Naples ganvan jivem assa.

R:Mog tuzo korun, bagon gelim anv
Kazar zata mhunn sodanch sangtai sermanv
Poi tuka lagon, bhogtam fugasanv,
Jiv mozo ditam somdiran marun danv

A: Naka naka somdirant jiv dinakai
Hath zoddun magtam, ami mogan jievchea
Pasot poili practice anv kortam
Kazar zatoch tuka sogllem sukh dinvchea pasot vavurtam
Ani fuddlea vorsa tuje lagim anv sakrament zoddtam

R: Osoch fottoitai (A: emm)
R: Dukhan roddoitai (A: emm)
R: Anv nam zatoch dusrea cheddvank apoitai
A: Kiteak dubavtai kalliz dukhoitai
Dusrim cheddvam naka punn tunch maka zai

R: Padrixim vortam, kumsarui kortam (A:emm)
Fottoi fottoi makach fottoi dakhoitam
A: Sangtai tem kortam, kanank anv dortam
R: Pedeak sangon antanch fondd kaddun purtam

A: Tokler ath dovrun jurar zatam, anvem fottunk nam tuka
Dusrim cheddvam lagim yetat, funkot pasun dilear naka
Fuddlea vorsak horan kazar zaunchim, tum kainch bhienaka
R: Fuddlea vorsak??
A: Nam bai heach vorsak, kannak dorinaka

A: Anv kazar zatolom, zaitem kortolom
Tuka zai tor masaloi anv vanttolom
Gharant rautolom, bhurgeank poitolom
Tum susegad bos, anvuch jevonn randtolom

Nesop dadlea-ostorechem kossak aiz lavn poilear
Dadleachem nesop kaiborem,ang dampta coat-kolsanv ghalear
Xikop vaddon sonvsarachem, gineanar bosladevchar
Nesop ostorechem ugttem-ugttem zata hea atanchea tempar

Cheddvamtor saddieo nesot, lok kortat kexttaieo
Saddieo mhunnttat fokot kazareank,ankvarank kiteak teo khospaieo
Punjabi dressam nesot, kopolak ghaltatmirieo
Ankvarank mhunttat tem vistid nesop, poiat kosleo amcheazannvaieo

Saddi nestoch ek ostori, povnk dista kaibori
Zanv ti ankvar zanvkazari, dolleank dista ghor-sonvsari
Kudd tichi nettoilea bori, moriadichikhunn khori
Saddie osli sonvsarant vost dusri, sodlear mevchinam ektori

Toxench tem Punjabi dress, kudd soglli nettoita
Goenkar cheddvamnestoch atvench dista, poiat tem kudd koxi soboita
Tight-fit mat zavnkfavonam, sobai kaddun uddoita
Torui astannam hem Punjabi dress saddie thaim apli man bagoita

Vistid ghaltoch ek ostori, pollovnk dista jetar
Khonttanche moche ghalun choltoch, dista choltaxi varear
Bemoriadik vistidanim, bhorla ho sogllo sonvsar
Indiek torui ami bore asanv, punn nhoi Eropachea mapar

Saddie osli sob nam, punn vistid neslar kaim nam
Noveo modi ietat bulganvk monam, hea fuddem kitem iet tem Dev zannam
Konnank anv kaim mhunnonam, kitem nes tem sangonam
Ekuch sangtam saddie oslem moriadichem nesop dusrem mevchenam

Lyrics courtesy Domnic Fernandes


Aikat bhava-bhoinanim pollelam anvem dolleanim Andheri kherit ghodni ghodleli,
Ixtt to mojea ghuttacho auchit attak zaun kalzacho tachea mogachi avoi sompleli
Jivi astana tinenm oi zata poi tea pormone pellachi zaitich seva keleli
Avoi mojea ixtachi toiyari tichea mornachi anven bhavani korchi podleli

Padrik sangonk ami igorjen geleanv danvon,
Thoim zantto padri duent aslo, tache lagim zai naslem cholonk,
Anv duent asa puta maka kiteak ailai voronk,
Dekhun dusrea padrixim ami geleanv upkar magonk.

Padri to bhurgoch aslo amkam poun amurkoch anslo, interachi khobor taka sangli,
Mis mhunntlem tunvem mhunnonk zai uprant moddem tunvem purunk zai tanem tondar kali savli adli,
Sov dis poi anv vavr kortam aitaracho suseg getam, heach dissa ti kiteak moronk zai asli
Aiz vhoddli party asa thoim maka apounnem assa hem sangon tannem thoimchi kush marli

Dukhi zaleanv dukh utranim chitraunk zainam,
Tisrea padri sorxim geleanv matui vell lai nastanam
Mis mhunnonk to padri ailo, pun ximiterin ailo nam
Rozar korun ximiterin kudd ami purlea padri nastanam

Padriponn ek sakrifis, nhoim fokot templan sangonk mis,
hem modern padrini poilem chitunk zai,
Meleleak matiek laumcho, ho kaido sangat konnacho,
ho kaido tanim sarkoch pallunk zai,
Fr agnel padr, juze vaz teach porim ti mother thereza kossi vavurta tea pollonk zai
Padriponn khor apounem, nhoi moujen khellonchem painem,
hem padri zaunchea adim chitunk zai

Assat kitle modern padri je chovis voram vaurtat,
Jevnnacho vell passun tankam gomonam porjechi tea sheva korta
Tosech assat thode modern padri jea osli kortubam adartat
Ani amchem Kristanvponn tufanak sampdaitat
Padriponn ek sacrifis hea tumi visronakat.


AR: Gaddiye pondak jiv diunk sodtalem, itlem tum jivar ubgoulem,
Moje nodrek tum sampodlem, dekhun aiz vatoulem,
Stationar than sokol denvlem, montorlelea porim choltalem,
Itle torne idadir kiteak, mornnank axelem.

RR: Papa mozo jiv kaddtolo, hem aiz anv khatren zanam,
Ezamin anv fail zain zalear, mhunno gharant gheuchonam,
Noxib futkim anv fail zalim kitem korchem sozmonam,
Kiteak mozo jiv vatailoi, antam maka sutka nam.

AR: Main pain tuka kitench mhunntlear, tumven tem sozmon voronk zai,
Avoi bapui boreak sangta, oxem niallunk zai,
Maim pai tuji ixttam mhunnon, tumven hem monan dovrunk zai,
Mog asa pun ti tukach xiddkaitat, oxem chintunk zai.

RR: Papa mozo vonkta uzo, tuka tachi vollok nam,
Soro pieta dis raat bhonkta, bhurgeank ulounkuch dinam,
Amchea lagin kednach tanem, mogan ulop korunk nam,
Bhavak ek dis muttomsor marlolo, ugddass tacho vochonk nam.

AR: Oxench amchea ghara kuxik ghoddlelem, eka pain putak sanglelem,
SSC ezam tum fail zaxi tor, ghor tuka bond zalem,
Tea putachem noxib futlelem, fail zatoch tache sukh ublem,
Paiche bhirantin aangar petrol voton, jivit sompoilem.

Both: Antam to pai naak zoroita, put babddo gelo moron,
Avoi babddi khatik laglea, buzvonn ditolo nam konn,
Moje sovem aiz hem ghoddtem, salvar zalim tum pavonn,
Fulltim fullam pisdunk poddlim, paiche bhirantik lagon
Paiche bhirantik lagon, paiche bhirantik lagon.

Vhodilani zaiteo mhunneo dovorleat goddun
Mhunntale te anturn polloun paim diunk zai soddun
Eke eke mhunnecho thav pollen tor kaddun
Zannvai tanchi toklen ami gheunk zai oddun

Pai dita tem sorta, maim dita tem urta
Oslea opareni zante uloup korta
Kitem zait tem sorta, kitem zait tem urta
Hem barik chintlear sarkench distti poddta

Avoi Bapui dhuvek aple vaddoit aplea mogan
Bapui zoddta avoi moddta, jieuncheak sukhan
Apnnak unnem korun duddu sambauta benkan
Dhuv vhodli zatoch tika diunk novreache gopan

Bapui dita ozar, dhuvek korta kazar
Bapain dil'le ozar, apxinch zata kabar
Avoin dileli dekh, dhuv kortokoch uzar
Vaitt zaum bori rith dekh, dista sobhe mazar

Bapui kitle duddu dit the sodanch urona
Avoichi dekh pakam futton uddon vochona
Vaitt zaun bori, dekh ti khori, lipon urona
Ozar dile sompta, punn ti rith dekh sompona

Bapui duddu zoddta, avoi dekhin laita
Avoiche rith dekhin sounsar soglo cholta
Dekun amche zantte oslem uloup korta
Pain dilam tem sorta, main dilam tem urta

Xapai xamaim khuim mozo,
Pai lhan astannam melo
Polloun eksuro bheos tacho Maman samball kelo

Hai Kotta! Paik mojea mevlinam ub avoichea mogachi
Eksuro vaddlo kakut mellon dubllea mamachi
Panch classi xiklo, ghottai mellon taka padr Vigarachi,
Xetkamti zalo, zomin mellon komnidadichi

Pai mozo zalo xetkar,
Mhaka kelo vhodd xinknnar,
Pain korunk nam poi tem anvem dakounk sobhemazar

Pai mozo xetam khonddtalo kudou gheun apleam athanim
Tech porim bhaimchem udok to kaddtalo lattinim
Punn anvem tractor ghalun xetam aiz khonddlim sompeponnim
Tech porim pump ghalun udok denvoilem xettanim

Jem kortalo mozo pai,
Tench putanui korunk zai
Oslim chintnam chintinakai, Vaddoncheak ghe upai

Pai fitter, amim putanim Engineer zaunk vavroya
Pai dorji, tench dorjeponn vaddounk fuddem soroya
Pai bebdo, tache von voddle bebde zanvchenhoi sudroya,
Pain amchea korunk nam tem ami korun dakhouya

PAI-PAI - Alfred Rose
Ekuch utor tin lettramchem
Sulestar korunk chodd sompem
Khorench tem ortea valorachem, P A I utor tem....}2

Pai pai tum mojea mogacho pai
Pai pai sogllo dis tum abzoutai
Pai pai maka voir kaddunk tum gametai
Boreponn mojem pounk axetai, kitlo mogall tum pai....}2

Zaitea amchea kantoristani,
Palkacher than maink vakandlea
Punn babdea paicho kont ixeop na, kiteak taka visorlea...}2

Bhurgeam ballamcho toch adar
Pottak lagon tho bonvta sonvsar,
Aplo jiv passun galta babdo riskar
Bonvta tho sonvsarachea pottar,moronk zata toyar..}2

Maim khorich gharachi ranni,
Abzouta gorchea rattini
Rat dis suseg na, chintnam tichem ghor dar khoxer dovorchim.....}2

Pai-Maim kitle darun koxtt tumche
Pai-Maim ghaltat pottak khol gaye
Pai-Maim hem chinta zait tumche put edde
Thodde put tumche zatoch vhodle, visortat koxtt tumche......}2

Patxeai mando ani dulpodamcho...konn zait tho?
Raupi dhobitalao, zaun aslo eok okond muzg eka tempar
zachim kantaram aiz saddoutat sogleanchea gharani
Aikat mojem kantar ithiasichem, ugdassachem
Patxeai Mando ani Dulpodancho

Kantoristam moddlo tho kantor,
Muzgam moddlo uxear band leader,
Sabar tiatramcho to author,
Tosoch ek uxear actor.

Tho melear, chodd vorsam zaunk na,
Punn palkar, konnech ugdass korunk na....,
Muzgaponn tannem, kitleam zannak zait xinkounk na....
Punn tacho aiz, ugddass amkam nam,
Aiz nodor marit tor gharani, xarani, vaddeani, kuddani,
Gayena, tachim keleam sogleani.

Angounn ami kelele re dogainim,
Gopan dhorun roddlelimdukhanim
Kallzam amchim ghantailelim chintnanim
Duspot amchi keli cota amchea gorcheanim

Khoxi kazarachi, niddukai ghorcheanchi.
Moga bhirmot futtom amchea dukhamchi.}...2

Mando ani dulpodam tachim,
Khorinch zaun assat chodd gostachim,
Khuxeal kori kallzam sogleamchim,
Aiz zaleam ithiasichim

Tiatran, tho vazop kortalo, Tiatrui zaite pautte dakoitalo
Kantarank, to music ghaltalo, recordam, passun kaddtalo
Trumpet vazoun hall gazoitalo, Drum pasun, vaztalo,
Rebekui, vaztalo, khoroch uxear aslolo

Mhunneo assa zaun gueleot phinnka
Juramentak kedinch na go sutka,
Anj bokth jagrut kortokuch bai tuka
Guneav bogos magonk tum eunaka,

Kalliz doxim kelem innocent,
Negar koxem gelem derepent,
Maka dilolo jurament…..repeat kalliz doxim kelem...

Cruz Noronha mhunntlear tea tempar,
Nanv gaztalem Goemchea mapar,
Cruzchea jazzwala mhunntalet sabar
Khoroch ek artist uxear

Kantaram, chedde-cheddvam mhunntelim,
Baltimak, festank gazoitelim,
Dulpodam tachim, sodanch jivim urtelim
Folk songs mhunn, ithiasin rigtelim
Aiz tumche mukhar ubo ubo ravtam, tacho anv ugdass kortam
Dulpod hem, mhunnat mhunn, tumche lagim anv magtam

Mozo poti bommai gela, tacho usko maka zala....2
Ani nimmanea vellar, sopheacher boson, beiz maka dila...2
Poti ye, poti ye, ani gopan maka ghe. poti ye, poti ye ani gopan maka ghe..2

POPAI ZAIAlfred Rose
Zai ghe maka xemai zai zai, popai zai, maka zai
Rauchonam aum tika kelea xivai, chodd maka tichi apurbai…2

Marejakinan mojea sezaranin popayeo laileleo tin
Achem tachen tinnem kaddun rin
Sambauleot bhore jinnxin

Don moron noxibant mojea ek urli jivi
Bomboi than goeam etoch nodrek moje podli
Porsan than polleli anvem popai ek lamta thi
Ani sezarnichi kanant anvem moji xempdi lotli

Mhunnon Zai ghe maka xemai zai zai, popai zai maka zai
Rauchonam aum tika kelea xivai, chodd maka tichi apurbai....2

Popaiechi khobor mainak sangli,
Maim moji finnouli,
Dantt vontt killaun angar aili
Ani ferem ferem korunk lagli

Ek dis anvem manni kadli maink moje fottoumchi
Bond kuddan kamboll kamrun ghutli anvem marli
Main baba puta mhunnon apouncheak lagli
Anvem bob marli sanglem damun moji tokli

Zai ghe maka mai zai zai, popai zai maka zai
Rauchonam aum tika kelea xivai, chodd maka tichi apurbai....2

Maka polloun maink guddguddo sutlo
Danvon danvon tinnem dotorak adlo
Dotoran eun mojea athak dorlo
Ani kuch korun ansonk laglo

Dotoran mojem fokand sarkench parkilem
Ogot kaim ek launk na, rokdench injectsaum kadlem
Injectsaaum polloun saiba, rogot mojem suklem
Zak korun ubo ravon anvem dotorachea kanan ghatlem

Mhunnon zai gha maka dotor, zai zai, popai zai maka zai
Rauchonam aum tika kelea xivai, chodd maka tichi apurbai...2


Xemaim moji bori, mog mozo kori, bhavank zali nossai,
Tuzo mog ti korta, amcho korina uloitalet pissai,
Punn anv kitem korum, tika focot moji asli tor apurbai,
Devan tika veli, ghor zalem khali, kallzak zalem ai.

Punn morchea adim tinnem oxem kelem, ghor aplem mojea bhavank dilem,
Bhatt bhens dusreachea nanvar kelem, xeth aslem tem boinin velem,
Bhavamchem-Bhoinnichem kalliz khoxi zalem, mojea tonddantuch poddlem allem,
Konxeak ek pornem volter aslem, tem adlem ani mojea khoddear ghatlem.

Oh kitem kortolom, khoimsor vetolom, bhav laglet assonk,
Boinn moji ekli, vhoir kaddun tokli, khoxen lagli nachonk,
Te khendtalet maka poiat re haka khoimch dinaslet vossonk,
Nanv mojem santu apurbaicho natu, volter meulam bosonk.

Tem volter mhunn saiba koslem, alta dollta poi tosolem,
Xemaichem kortub kosolem, volter diunk maka osolem,
Barik pollet zalear tem dissot mottem tin paiyani ekdom thontem,
Xemain chikann kelem mottem, koslem mojem noxib khottem.

Rag maka ailo xemain maka oxem kelem cat,
Dakto mhunnon anv chavoitat maka, zal'lea porim ek rat,
Punn sonxi tor sonslem, chodd zatoch tanchem, uttlom korun hat
Volter ukoddlem, zomnir marlem, mhunnon that is that

Tea volteracho ek zalo far, dolleamcher mojea ailo bar
Tea volteran mista aslem bhangar, libram ani molladik tikam chear
Tea bhair duddu ozaranche ozar, bhav-bhoinnichea tondak zali arr
Korunk laglim maka nomoskar, xemaim ikmotin bhorich uxear

Diana, Diana pollunk disso pattovantli pori
Rochtelea Deva Bapan, tika kantoileli ek sundori
Khoimsorui, distti podlear, tichea fatlean fotvamkaramcheo ari
Thi sundor Princess of Wales, bhangarachea kallzachea ostori

Thichem kazar Prince charles lagim, uchamboll somdiran budlelem
Torui tinnem aplem urlelem jivit, gorjevontam pasot bhettoilelem

Diana, Diana, Aids duens asleleank buzonn ditali
Koddkarank porixm mellon, tanchea athan aplea athan melloitali
Diana, Diana, Pangleam kurdeank bhurgeank ti sambautali
Tancho sounsar rosroxit korunk, ti apunn porxim vaurtali

Fotvamkarmachea, chopkeantli, khoxi korun suttonk ti sodtali
Teach fottvamkarank lagon mhunntat ti, nistoor motorache abhgatak sampodli

Dian diana, gorjevontacho thi borvanso
Amurkench, tem mukhamoll, diso sorgailo anj bodvo koso
Diana Diana sogleank mog ditali apnnacho
She is Queen of hearts lok mhunntat, palloulo divo gorjevontacho

Mother Theresak, jivi santinn, tikai Devan aple vontin veli
Amchi grestkai Donia tuvem veli, ani gorib porjek dubli keli

Mother Theresan kitem kelem, konnech korun na tem tinnem kelem
Noble prize, bharat ratna, toxench sounsaran vhod vhod naum tika dilem
Ti somptoch amchea serkaran tica state funeral favo kelem
Mother Theresan ani Princes Diananm gorjevontam pasot ojap kelem

Mother Thersan ani Princess Dianan tannem kelam tem
kednach visronk zauchem nam

PUNN TUM MOZO Alfred & Engelbert Rose
Father: Tum iskolak vetai, teacherik bejar kortai
Son: Punn tum mozo Daddy
F: Tum ghara ietai kapdam sogleak ghaltai
S: Punn tum mozo Daddy
F: Tum bhavak martai, taka chimtte kaddtai
S: Punn tum mozo Daddy
F: Tum kuznan vetai ani nistem chortai
S: Punn tum mozo Daddy

F: Tum khellonk vetoch bhurgeamchi kestamvam adtai
Ani Sant koso zaun ogoch konxeak bostai
Tum konna bhaxen zalai, poi dis rath sotatai
S: Anv tujea bhaxen zalam daddy

F: Tum ghara astoch jiv khatai mummycho,
S: Punn tum mozo Daddy
F: Anv khadd kaddtana vakor vodtai mozo
S: Punn tum mozo Daddy
F: Nanak chavoitai vankdo korun boncho
S: Punn tum mozo Daddy
F: Tum ostad zalai amchea bildingancho
S: Punn tum mozo Daddy
F: Tum tonadk lepdai mummycho powder
Ani lipstikui laun, pollunk distai vanzor
Tuca anga konnem adla,tum ekdom aramkor
S: Tunven maka adlai Daddy

PURSANVAlfred Rose
Kazaracho zalom dekun anv,
Kazar zau munn fors kori irmanv
Soirik korunk fuddem sorlo ximanv
Oklechem naum mari concessanv
Okol sodanch astali damanv
Damaum than ti bomboi aili gheunk mozo umanv

Okol disso, dovo dovo sonso
Mini ani maxie ani hot pant passun neso
Amurkench anso, matxe matxe lozo
Kitem tumkam sangom sonxea fatlean zalom pisso

Noxibant sangat meulo boro
Gopan gheun oklek adli aro
Pag fuddem, ozar zodtam magir munxi fotkiro
Kazar zaunk fosche adim aro
Aik sangtam kaido mozo khoro
Panch sou sat att bhurgim nakat focot tegamch puro

Kazar zaun voros zalem pasar
Bail asli familichea bhessar
Boro uzvadd mevonk kortalom rozar
Kalliz khoxen nachlem kumpasar
Pai zata mhunon, modlet ozar
Nove moinean bail pauli operassaumchea mezar

Dotor khoxen ailo, ath maka diun anslo
Porbem mojem tuca munnon alvis magonk laglo
Anvem vinchar kelo, zalam cheddum vo cheddo
Bailexim pautoch atan dongeant kodkoddo sutlo

Ant pint aslem tem soklak duemlem
Rogot aslem tem toklek chodlem
Kitem korchem, khoimsor vechem kainch sozmona zalem
Family planning anvem kelelem, teganch bhurgim puro munnlelem
Ekech pautti saiba tegam zait munn chintunk naslem

Bailexim vochon kelo vinchar, sang baile ho koslo tho vepar
Khoimchea santa lagim kortali rozar,
Bail khoim angounneom kori sabar, sodanch santism trinidadi mukhar
Trinidad mhunntoch teg zonn ube zale darar

Zaum saiba zaum, bailen adlem nanv
Santism trindadin teg zonn daddlet munn bhorlo ganv
Bara apostlam lagim bailen kelelem tor orassanv
Gharant amche mista ietem aslem bara zanachem pursanv

Kitem korchem poi tem sozmonam, konacher xinn korcho gomonam
Zoddta titlem moddta saiba pagui mojem pavonam
Rinn kaddun paiem fuddem soronam
Duddu subej zoddunk goddonam,
Bogos saiba patok mojem anv kainch mhunnonam

114- Updated 12/5/2012